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Lucant HC-40
Lucant HC-100
Lucant HC-150
Lucant HC-600
Lucant HC-1100
Lucant HC-2000

Lucant / Viscosity Index Improver · Viscosity Modifire / Synthetic hydrocarbon base oil

Lucant of Mitsui Chemicals Incorporation is an new type of product with a co-oligomer of ethylene and α-olefin and has been commercialized for the first time in the world. It is used for synthetic lubricating oils and viscosity index improvers with excellent shear stability. The grades of low viscosity are used for base oils of lubricating oil.

Viscosity Index Improver · Viscosity Modifire
OCP blended with synthetic hydrocarbon base oil for your needs.
C10 Synfluid PAO 2cSt
C10 Synfluid PAO 4cSt
C10 Synfluid PAO 6cSt
C10 Synfluid PAO 8cSt
C12 Synfluid PAO 2.5cSt
C12 Synfluid PAO 5cSt
C12 Synfluid PAO 6HVI
C12 Synfluid PAO 7cSt
C12 Synfluid PAO 8HVI
C12 Synfluid PAO 9cSt

Synthetic hydrocarbon base oil

Chevron Phillips Chemical has been a leader in the development and production of PAOs.Showa Sangyo is promoting the PAO in the Japanese market.

Synthetic hydrocarbon base oil
SantotracÒ 2000 is a low viscosity synthetic hydrocarbon base for traction fluid especially designed for applications where medium to high film strength is desirable. This product has high traction coefficient and bulk modulus.
Mineral base oil
Neste`s base oil has high viscosity index, excellent low temperature properties, and very low volatility. It is approved for European fuel economical engine oil specifications.
Ester base oil
Nyco`s ester has superior low temperature properties as well as excellent thermal oxidation resistance and biodegradability. There are wide range of viscosity grades to meet various kinds of applications such as engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, gas turbine oil, grease, and other industrial lubricants.
Ester base oil
Esters (Taoka Chemical) have advantages at low temperatures and are suitable for base oils of fuel-efficient engine oil.
Amine Antioxidant
Antioxidant from Lanxess(Germany) for lubricant and grease.
Acrylic copolymer
Anti-Forming agents
Designed for excellent performance in antifoam agent.
Dimethyl silicone
Anti-Forming agents
Designed for excellent performance in antifoam agent.
Melamine cyanurate
Solid lubricant
MCA has heat-resistance, improves lubricity and reduces friction.
Solid lubricant
PTFE improves lubricity and reduces friction.
Dialkyl carbonate
SR-1000R (Mitsui Fine Chemicals) has lubricity, wear resistance and biodegradability . It also eliminates sludge after thermal cracking and suitable for industrial and engine oils.
Hi-Wax, Excerex
Hi-Wax and Excerex are polyethylene wax and melt at normal temperature to 150°C. Their molecular configuration is crystalline low-molecular-weight resin(Molecular number: 300~10000). They improve lubricity and wear resistance in lubricant application.
Used as a material for a thickener of urea grease.
Modified silicone
Siltech supplies various types of modified silicones such as alkylated silicone fluid to meet different kinds of customer`s need.
Traction lubricant
Traction Fluid from Santolubes has high traction coefficient, heat-resistance and oxidation stability. It has been used for planetary roller of continuously variable transmission.
Heat-registant lubricant
OS-124 and Santovac5, Polyphenyl ether (5P4E), from Santolubes has excellent performance in heat resistance, oxidation stability and radiation resistance in extreme environment.
FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) Additives
DeSOx and CO Promoter from Intercat are used in Refinery all over the world.

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