President’s Message

SHOWA Industries was established in 1971 by Mikio Araki, our former president. Starting as a trading company for petroleum additives and synthetic lubricants, the company has experienced steady growth and has expanded into a wider range of products for petroleum refinement, including catalyzing agents and other specialized chemicals.

Our corporate name SHOWA (松和) represents the company’s culture. In Japanese, SHO(松)means pine, an evergreen tree. It symbolizes fresh energy and long life. WA (和) means harmony, which is a core value for our company. Over nearly half a century since SHOWA’s founding, we have created a wide network of people with expert knowledge and have become known as a trusted resource in the petroleum industry.

We seek to provide opportunities for all of our employees to develop and utilize their talents and to create a strong and active organization. We work purposefully to offer value-added products and information to our customers.

In addition to existing products, we’re actively working to develop products that help to save energy and preserve the environment. Our aim is to protect limited resources and precious nature for future generations.

We’re constantly striving, with all of our employees working together, to be a global company that contributes to society.

President Miki Matsuoka

Philosophy In Harmony with Planet Earth

We cherish the blessings from the ocean and the blessings from the mountains. We make it our mission to deliver products derived from the blessings of the natural world.

In addition to petroleum additives and synthetic lubricants, we have been actively developing products that help to save energy and preserve natural resources. We search for products and procure them from around the world in order to provide what our customers need.

We seek to provide value-added products from a wide range of suppliers, both inside and outside Japan, and we actively work with our customers to develop new products that support their needs. We’re working to help preserve natural resources and making sure that we comply with all laws and regulations.

At SHOWA, we strongly believe that it is our responsibility to contribute to our customers while working in harmony with Planet Earth.


June 23,1971
1-10-2, Nishishimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan
20 million yen
  • President Miki Matsuoka
  • Senior Managing Director Kazuhisa Matsuoka
  • Director(External Director) Takao Ishii
  • Auditor Toshihiko Aono
Number of Emproyees
10 People
Domestic sales, export and import of Synthetic lubricating oils, petroleum additives and petroleum industrial chemicals
  • 1971Founded as a trading company dealing with fuel oil additives, lubricating oil additives and base oils for synthetic lubricating oil.
  • 1974Started handling of viscosity index improvers (Orpheus: Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.)
  • 1977Started handling of traction fluids (Santotrac,OS-124,Santovac: Monsanto Co.)
  • 1984Started handling of synthetic lubricating oils (Lucant: Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.)
  • 1991Started handling of a variety of esters (Nyco S.A.)
  • 1993Started handling of FCC additives (Johnson matthey Inc.)
  • 1998Started handling of a variety of diesters (Taoka Chemicals Inc)
  • 2000Started handling of a variety of amine-antioxidant (Lanxes Inc)
  • 2000Started handling of base oils for lubricants (Nexbase&PAO:Neste)
  • 2012Started handling of Synfluid PAO for lubricants (Chevron Phillips Chemicals)
  • 2014Continued to be a main distributor of Lucant, after Lubrizol Inc. obtained exclusive marketing rights of Lucant from Mitsui Chemical Inc.


Sumitomo Seimei Nishishimbashi Bldg. 5F 1-10-2 Nishi Shimbashi, Minato-Ku Tokyo 105-0003 Japan
TEL: +81-3-3504-1668

  • 6min on foot from JR Shimbashi Station, Hibiya Exit
  • 2min on foot from Metro Mita Line Uchisaiwaicho Station, Exit A3
  • 3min on foot from Metro Ginza Line Toranomon Station, Exit 1

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